Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interning at AmiWorks

The curriculum for B.Tech (CSE) in my college, like many others, requires me to pursue industrial training in my third year. Just as my batchmates, I too was anxious to secure a place for myself in an organisation related to my field of work and my area of interest. Meanwhile, I volunteered to take a session on Introduction to Qt at  OSS Camp 11.03 Lucknow and there, I met Amit Singh who offered me a place as a Summer Intern in his company, Amiworks, Pune. The offer was appealing and I accepted it.
After my exams I reached Pune and joined AmiWorks on my birthday. It took me a week to settle on a project, but once that was set, there was no looking back. I tried and developed a File Sharing and Syncing Application using PyQt. While Qt was something I was familiar with, I chose python because firstly, I wanted to learn it and second, my room-mate cum Co-founder of AmiWorks, Aman Jain  motivated me enough to embark on an unknown path. I won't bore you with the details of the project, as that is to be submitted to the college in a report which is hardly read by anyone. What I intend to share is the exhilarating experience I had while interning at AmiWorks.

First of all, my residence and office were in the same three storey building. All I had to do was climb a flight of stairs to get to my office, so I was spared the travelling woes and I was able to sleep an hour extra everyday ;) . The office itself was cool, big windows, balconies, greenery all around and pleasant weather of Pune. The working environment was even more awesome - a comfortable chair, bean bags, dual monitor setup, 16Mbps Internet etc made it feel like heaven for a programmer. 
Ah !! it wasn't all work and no play. We used to have musical afternoons where Advait's talent covered everybody else's musical n00bh00d. And I also watched quite a mouthful of movies in the two month span with my room mates cum colleagues, both in theatre and on Youtube ( the 16Mbps belonged to just four of us after office ;) ).
I miss - the saturday nights - anna ki idli - evenings at crossword - dinner at vaishali - ghar jaisa khana at Delhi Kitchen - morning walks and movies with colleagues / room-mates - exclamations of Vivek - questions of Ankur - Neha's comments - Aman's advice -  Amit's support -  programming sprints - daily stand-up meets - and the list goes on !!!

In short "I am missing my internship days" and I can't wait for PyCon 11 which is being hosted at Symbiosis Pune, which is when I will be meeting friends cum colleagues again !!

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